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A. Yes, You can. You don’t need to purchase any SIM card for this service. If you have an internet connection on your computer or mobile phone, visit our site and claim a temporary number which can be used for receiving SMS from anywhere.

A. After visiting our website, you have to register with your email address. We will send you a verification code for account confirmation. After verifying your account, you have to choose a number with area code. You are done! Now you can enjoy our service.

A. After successfully signing up to our website, you will get your virtual number and a dashboard to see your messages and notifications. You will find several options to create a phonebook there. If you see any Error message, then you have to refresh the page again. You will get text even you are offline. Though this kind of temporary phone number sends data via the internet, some mobile app can send the offline notification.

A.Yes, you can use a disposable phone number for various purposes. With these types of number, you can also bypass any verification process. You can also make an email address by this number from Yahoo or Gmail. You can also send voicemail to your friend using this number.

A.Yes, you can. You can get this service from anywhere in the globe if you have an active internet connection. The major factor is sending Sms messages anywhere in any country you want like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany etc.

A.Ofcourse you will get 24 hours customer support by our online service team. You can contact our support team via email or direct call. Our expert support team will provide real-time customer support full month. For full details, check out our description and contact page. If you have further query, feel free to send an email.