Burner phone number

Burner phone numbers are disposable phone number that provides particular security and anonymity. They are either virtual phones or app that can not be traced. People who don’t want to share their location on the web can use this service for temporary purposes.

Burner phone number

This kind of temporary phone number is popular for hiding identity, avoiding spamming, international phone calls, unlimited texts, unlimited calling, contact with clients on craigslist, bypass verification from various sites like online dating sites, etc. If you want to start your business in another region, you have to contact your clients via telephone or another VOIP service. A burner phone number can help you in this situation.

You can call or send SMS to your international clients through this service easily. On the other hand, there is no other alternative way to protect your personal phone number from spammers. Using a disposable phone number instead of a real phone number is the best idea to guard personal identity. You can use a burner phone as a business phone for short time service.

Since local operators cannot provide international calling services, the virtual fake number can temporarily solve this problem. Many people think that they can make calls by Google voice, but you have to verify the number to launch the Google voice service. A burner phone number can help you to bypass your verification with your real cell phone number. You can delete your temporary number anytime if you face any issue.


Advantages of using burner phone number

Burner phone number

Before using a burner number, you should know about its advantages. Though it is for temporary use, you can create a personal line number for establishing your business. If you are connected to a wifi connection, you don’t need any network signal to use it. Other significant benefits are discussed below.


Protect your privacy

A virtual disposable phone number can hide your identity from hackers. Moreover, it also helps us transfer any personal data safely by an end to end encryption system so that no one can decode our data. App to app message forwarding is more important in protecting our privacy. You can install the burner phone app to your cell phone or ios devices and send texts to your friends with full encrypted texts.

Any user can set two-factor authentication to his apps and phone for extra security. Remember that, phone app must be registered with the purchased number.


Stay spam free

Spamming is one of the most annoying things in the online platform right now. If you want to stay spam-free, you must prevent personal number leakage. By using a burner number, you can easily avoid spammer on the web. On the other hand, you can allow some specific companies spam texts like flight update, insurance update, radio program update etc. on your burner app.


Secure your identity

Your government or any other secret agency can easily trace your identity by your personal phone number. Hackers can also easily leak your identity by tracing your mobile number network. But you can keep your location secret by using a burner phone number instead of a mobile phone operator. This fake virtual number is impossible to trace because it doesn’t use any specific location. Besides, you can burn your number at any time.


Why should you choose our service?

We are always on the lookout for customer convenience. We do not compromise on keeping user data confidential. Moreover, you can get the following services from us.

  • 24/7 customer helpline.
  • Troubleshooting via unlimited emails.
  • International phone number with area code.
  • Up to date service
  • Unlimited texts or call according to your purchase plan
  • Auto-reply bot
  • Credit card payment system.
  • Unlimited phone plan for long time use
  • Personal dashboard for call history, phonebook
  • Spam blocking option
  • We have transparent terms of service


Start your burner phone number journey with a simple and easy step.

  • Visit our web page
  • If you are a new user, then sign up with your email and mobile number
  • an OTP will be sent to your number, give it to the verification page
  • Select your number with area code
  • You are done! Now enjoy your burner number.

Burner phone number

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After all, in terms of business and personal privacy, the importance of burner numbers is immense. Burner numbers can be our long term use companion as a secondary number.

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