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We are entering the age of modernity day by day. Since the invention of the internet, we have been using the latest technology to make our lives easier. New milestones in communication have been unveiled through mobile usage. But talking through dial call costs a lot. In this case, we can maintain communication by exchanging voices through the internet, and then the cost will be less. This service can do not only voice call but also text messaging. All you have to do is get an online number to access this service. You can send or receive texts from any country with the area code. Through online phone number, we get spamming free service including international calls, messages and emails. But keep in mind that these are all temporary services. So we can also call these online numbers temporary or disposable numbers.

If you don’t want to expose your real phone number on the web, you can choose online phone numbers that help to hide your identity. This virtual phone number helps you make SMS online, Calls, OTP verification on various websites, and number verification of social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Viber, Whatsapp, etc. The most important fact is we don’t need any sim card to use this service.